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Christ Community Youth

  • Last Night at Evening Club!

    Today we went to an enormous basilica that was extremely beautiful! We also went to the St. Louis Central Library which was also amazing. And for the last time, we went to evening Bible Club. When it was time to leave the Bible Club, all the little children climbed all over us and tried to stow  away in the vans! It was party fun, but also sad at the same time! It was hard to leave!

    -Micah Guffey

    Today was really awesome. We went to a beautiful basilica and a huge and fancy library! The thing that stuck out to me the most was at evening club. It was when we were leaving and a bunch of kids got in our van and wanted us to take them with us. It just amazed me that their parents let them run off with strangers! It made me realize how much I need to be praying for these kids and their families!

    -Kristina Rabinski

    Today was one another action packed day. We worked hard in the work projects and then were given a couple of hours to go do a quiet time. So we took our group to the Cathedral Basilica downtown for the devotional time! The Basilica is the WORLD’s largest mosaic... it’s truly breathtaking. It was so cool seeing all the youth spread out across the huge church praying and reading their Bibles!

    It was also a mix of joy and sadness as we left the Bible Club for the last time last night. We’ve spent most of our time getting to know refugees from Somalia and Tanzania. It’s amazing watching our group become friends with young muslim girls and getting a chance to tell them about Jesus!


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